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Tupperware products are divided into several categories. Jump straight to an extensive list of Tupperware products according to usage.

The most popular items in Malaysia are those for water storage. It is a familiar sight to see children carrying the tumblers to school. Tupperware for children helps them to practice being frugal at a young age.

Even non-Tupperware products are called Tupperware, it has become a generic name for any plastic container.

The water containers come in many sizes, from a small 180ml cup with a water tight cover to a 14-liter water dispenser with tap. Tupperware jugs are very popular with housewives to store their filtered or boiled water. Also for making tea or coffee for breakfast.

School children and office workers carry tumblers with sling bags conveniently.

Lunch boxes and soup mugs are also indispensable with the groups above too.

Tupperware products also include a small range for babies and toddlers. There is a set comprising of baby bottles and a milk keep-warm bag, among others.

For kitchen cabinets, the Modular Mates range is very very popular, it also has won some Design Awards for being versatile and also space saving.

modular mates containers
Some of the award-winning Modular Mates containers

An average kitchen needs at least fifty of these Modular Mates containers. You might be scratching your head... why so many? Think about it... how many types of sugar do you have in your pantry? How many types of flour you need for baking?

From Modular Mates, FreezerMates are designed to cope with very cold temperature in your fridge so that your containers will not break. FreezerMates can also prevent food becoming bad from ice burn.

Another hot seller is the OneTouch range. It is the absolute container for keeping your food fresh. Not only for food actually, even medication, camera lenses, things you want to keep them from mildew. One Touch is spot on for the crispness for your food or other items.

Then, there is a classic range, like the square round sets, the cereal bowls, the season serve, for marinating your steaks and Snak N Stor. Food preparation tools are made by Tupperware too. Can openers, whisk, ladle and cake mixing bowls are all there.

There are many newer products too, like the rice dispenser, Fridgesmart for keeping vegetables and also Rock N Serve which is microwave reheatable. Tupperware products also have some items for serving. There used to be Hanokke dinnerware but now you can be satisfied with the Legacy Set that comprises of dinner plates, dish platter, bread server and also tumblers.

All these items carry Tupperware Quality Assurance and most of them are backed up by the lifetime warranty too.

Tupperchef wok
The 38 inch wok from TupperChef range.

Since Malaysians love to cook at home, Tupperware products in this country carry a range of high quality stainless steel cookware too. The wok is such a good buy. Do not just take my word for it, get one for yourself and see how right I am ;-)

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