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Modular Mates Tuppperware Custom Kitchen Planner

Modular Mates is one of the best selling Tupperware products all over the world. In modern kitchen, these containers are really handy because they make the most of the space in a typical pantry or kitchen cabinet.

modular mates containers
My favorite Modular Mates containers

The design is really simple but very effective. The beauty of this design is, each item can be re-arranged according to your needs.

There are five basic shapes of MM (as it is fondly called). A lot of people like the square ones but the round, oval, rectangular and mini rectangular are also very useful indeed.

Each shape come in 5 sizes and is numbered accordingly. The other beautiful thing is, the seals of each shape can be used for any size.

However, there are some variations in Modular Mates range.  For example, there are "Super" sizes for Oval shape, and for the seals too, there are several variation; one sided flip top, two sided flip-top and plain ones.

Undoubtedly having a properly planned kitchen containers can save you a lot of time, money and effort. Think about it, you may buy your food in bulk and do not worry that they would go stale quickly once the packets are opened. MM helps to keep your staples fresh.

The containers can be arranged neatly and the window on the side of the containers give you a glimpse of what are inside them. You will no longer have the problem of forgetting your coffee or sugar because before going for your weekly shopping, a quick peak in your kitchen cabinet will tell you what you need.

Modular Mates

An average kitchen needs at least fifty of these MM containers. You might be scratching your head... why so many? Think about it... how many types of sugar do you have in your pantry? How many types of flour you need for baking?

Remember that in order to make the seals of your MM last longer, (even though they are covered by Tupperware Lifetime Warranty), always use the tab to open up the seal. Otherwise, the seal will be torn quickly.

Tupperware always come up with new colors for the seals of Modular Mates. The current colors for sale in Malaysia are black and red (chili red). Fantastic! I just love them!

Here is the list for the range of MM on sale in Malaysia. The sizes are standard. You can mix and match to create a custom kitchen planner set to suit your needs.

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