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Tupperware Spare Parts

Tupperware spare parts are available for most of its products. The spare parts are not only for the seals, as most people tend to think.

Yes, it is true that your lids or seals will most likely get damaged or lost over time than the container itself.

types of tupperware seals
Tupperware spare parts in terms of seals come in many types and sizes and each one of them has its own code number.

However, you can get other spare parts too.

Most Tupperware products have two parts: the base and the lid (or seal).

Some products have more, for example, the jug with push/pull button has four different parts since its seal alone is made up out of three separate components.

The 2L beverage buddy has four components too: the base, the seal, the cap and the handle. Tupperware calls the handle as "cariolier", it is a term that is used for the handle of many products.

Complicated items like the rice dispenser have several parts and if any of them breaks because of normal use you will get a replacement free of charge.

Some spare parts are not readily available such as the square away seal.

Yes, it is a bit annoying to go with the intention to buy the seal and find that it is not in stock. Usually the Service Center stocks the most commonly used seals and spare parts.

You have to accept that the spare parts also may not come in the color that you want.

For example if the cap of your high handolier is blue, you probably will get black cap as replacement. However, the size will still be the same.

Another thing that is interesting to know that the silicone nipple for baby bottle is also available as Tupperware spare parts. The nipple is of course not covered under Tupperware Lifetime Warranty. Please read through the terms and conditions so that you will understand what are covered under the warranty and what are not covered.

In order to get replacement for your damaged Tupperware, please make sure also that your parts aregenuine by learning about the following guideline.

Finally, after buying these products, it would be good to know some useful handling tips so that your purchase will last longer.

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