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Tupperware Business Plan

Tupperware business plan in Malaysia is different from other countries in the region. The pricing is not the same, some products also differ in terms of colors and also availability. It is human nature to covet something that they may not have, therefore, it is not unusual that Tupperware products meant for the Malaysian market are craved by other Tupperware lovers elsewhere.

Tupperware business plan allows you to see where you want to make extra cash.

Most people just sign up to get the dealer's price.

While there is nothing wrong with that, a lot of dealers offer their Tupperware products to customers without making a single cent of profit. This is simply because they do not think like a businesswoman, instead, they are just being a consumer.

What they really want is only to qualify for exclusive hostess special or Level 1 or Level 2 package. Or, to get some exclusive Tupperware that are not available for sale, just to achieve a sale or recruiting target.

If you want to be a business person, you must see where all the money come from and go to. In order to maximize the benefit of being a Tupperware dealer, you should understand and follow the business plan. Actually, it is the schedule of a compensation plan.

Ranks in Tupperware Brands, Malaysia

There are twelve ranks. I am going to explain to you only the first four levels.

  1. Consultant
  2. Star Consultant
  3. VIP Consultant
  4. Director-in-Qualification (DIQ-temporary rank for 1-3 months only)
  5. Director
  6. One Star Director
  7. Three Star Director
  8. Five Star Director
  9. Associate Executive Director
  10. Executive Director
  11. Senior Executive Director
  12. Presidential Director

Every sales force is given an account at TwBiznet where you can track your sales online and see your family tree. The information is updated on the next day after closing on the current date.


When you purchase the kitbag, you become a consultant and are automatically qualified to purchase the products at dealer's price. This price is less than normal retail price so that you can make a profit  when you sell it to a customer.

Inside your kitbag you get some Tupperware products sample, you will also get some vouchers that is your welcome gift, so that you are able to purchase more products cheaper as samples for your Tupperware party.

I advise you to take advantage of these vouchers because the investment you make to get the product samples will be advantageous to you. Even if you do not sell them, you can either use them for your parties OR in your kitchen so you can find out firsthand and how useful these containers are.

Remember, you must make a purchase of RM150.00 retail value so that your membership is counted for. It is for the benefit of your recruiter. You will not be counted as a new member if you do not initiate the purchase within 21 days of joining.

Consultants have to maintain a minimum of RM500.00 sale per year, or subscribe to Inspira Magazine at RM30.00 per year.

If you fail to fulfill these conditions, your membership will be void, your card is no longer valid for you to make a purchase at any Tupperware Service Center at dealers' price.

Star Consultant

Star Consultant gets an extra immediate 5% discount on top of dealer's price. In order to qualify, a consultant must have a minimum of two recruits. Either both are directly below her, or one recruit under her recruits another person.

A star consultant in Tupperware business plan is also eligible for overriding commission from both her recruits. 3% from the total sale of first layer recruit and 2% from the total sale of the second layer recruit from one particular month. However, there is a condition, the Star Consultant has to maintain a minimum of RM500.00 personal sale per month in order to qualify for the overriding commission.

A star consultant may have between two to five personal recruits.

VIP Consultant

A VIP consultant must have a minimum of six recruits in her group. All dealers at rank Star Consultant and above enjoy an additional immediate 5% discount on top of dealer's price. She also has the benefit of overriding commission:

  1. 3% from her first level recruit
  2. 2% from her second level recruit
  3. 1% from her third level recruit

She also has to maintain RM500.00 a month in sale to qualify for the overriding commission above.

DIQ (Director in Qualification)

A Director in Tupperware Business Plan enjoys many benefits. Before becoming a director, a VIP consultant has to sign up for DIQ program. On the form which has to be submitted by the15th of any month when starting the program, she commits to do RM20K sale in a month (accelerated program) or RM20K sale within three months. A DIQ also must have a minimum of 15 team members by the end of her program.

DIQ can do all the sale herself (which is very hard to do) or recruit as many people as possible to reach this goal. What she can do is to assign smaller individual target for each members of her group so that she can achieve her goal faster.

It needs a lot of commitment, time management skill and also the skill to leverage the effort of others to become a Director.

Here are the benefits of a DIQ:

  • 5% extra immediate discount off retail price
  • Overriding commission 5%,4% and 3% respectively from level 1, 2 and 3 recruits
  • Leadership bonus of 3% for minimum monthly group sale of RM3000.00

After fulfilling the sale target, a DIQ will become a full fledged Director. A Director must maintain a minimum sale of RM3000.00 per month of the group sale for at least eight months in a year.

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