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Tupperware Baby Bottles

A happy toddler with a Tiwi baby tupperware bottleTupperware baby bottles come in two sizes: 9 oz bottle and 4 oz bottle.

The 4 oz bottle is usually meant for babies less than 3 months old since they drink less milk, juice or water than older babies.

The cartoon character on it is Tiwi, Tupperware teddy bear mascot that appears a lot on Tupperware children's products.

The shape of the bottle made it easier for small fingers to hold. The colors are bright and lovely.

A lot of mothers I know like the baby bottle set that comes with a warmer bag very much. The bag has a strap that is so convenient, and also a side pocket which is very useful to keep other small things that the little one needs.

These bottles are made up of five different parts:

  • Bottle
  • Cap
  • Collar
  • Adaptor
  • Silicone nipple

Other accessories include the warmer bag, formula dispenser, baby bottle and nipple brush and also sipper.

tupperware baby bottles
9 oz Tupperware baby bottles

All these items are perfect gifts for a mother-to-be.

When you buy Tupperware baby bottles, it is very important to learn how to use them properly so that the milk will not leak and drench the poor baby.

This is a common problem encountered by new users because the Tupperware dealer who sold the set to them did not explain how to use the set properly.

Make sure you have all the parts. If any of the parts are missing, the milk will leak. Here is the instruction on the correct way to seal the bottle:

  • Place the silicon nipple inside the collar.
  • Put the bottle upright.
  • Place the adaptor at the opening of the bottle
  • Only then screw in the collar with the nipple.
  • When you unscrew the collar, the adaptor should stick to the collar

Otherwise, it shows that the adaptor is not properly placed and the
milk will leak.

Tupperware baby bagThese milk bottles are not available for sale in the US or Canada. In Malaysia, they are one of the hot selling items. Like I mentioned above, it makes a perfect gift for an expecting mother.

It is good to know that the prints outside the bottle are permanently bonded to the bottle. That means no matter how many times you wash it, it will stay there. It will not be erased like other Tupperware containers with printed sticker. The prints have indicator of the volume of liquid inside the bottle so it is very important because we need the indicator to measure the correct amount of water to add.

How do we wash the bottles?

The best tool you need is a Tupperware Baby Bottles Brush. Its sturdy handle and its all-around bristle do the job quickly and efficiently. I simply love the brush. It is also handy for cleaning tall tumblers too, those that you cannot reach with your hands.

You can sterilize the bottles either by using the microwave, sterilizing tablets or simply pouring hot water on them.

Although not really advisable, the milk in the bottle can be reheated in a microwave too. Make sure the milk in the bottle is shaken before you give it to the baby to prevent hot spot scalding the baby's lips and tongue. Remember to use this tip with caution.

Accessories relating to Tupperware baby bottles:

  • Baby bottle warmer bag (picture above)

This bag is very handy but if there is any spilled milk, clean it immediately with damp clothe or you will get really musty smell that is not easy to get rid off later on. This bag is not sold separately, it comes with a pair of 9 oz bottles. It is not covered by Tupperware Lifetime Warranty.

  • Formula dispenser and silicone nipple/dummy keeper

These two items are really useful. They are small for traveling and they keep extra silicone nipple or dummy clean for next use. Well, they are basically snack cups and air tight as well, at other times you can use it to put a small serving of snack or biscuits for the little one.

baby bottle brush and nipple brush

  • Baby bottle and silicone nipple brush (above)
  • Silicone nipples are available separately as spare parts from any Tupperware center. The size available is "M" size only.

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