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People always ask for a Tupperware catalogue but when they want to buy, they always expect the dealers to give them a massive discount. This, obviously does not encourage a lot of people to sell as they do not make enough profit. However, you can still sign up as a Tupperware dealer.

Tupperware Business   Tupperware Business    Tupperware Business    Tupperware Business

Being a business person, you have to calculate your time, your phone charges, your petrol money. Not to mention your capital to buy the stock.

Recruiting is the lifeline of any MLM business. There is no escaping this fact. You have to be a recruiter and build your downline and the people you recruit must have their own downline as well so that your organization can grow.  

Sounds difficult? Yes, it is difficult to convince someone to part with their money to buy the Business Kit. Even though it is a small amount by the standard of an average person.

Tupperware BusinessMost people would like to have things for free with no effort. Sometimes they think as soon as they become a Tupperware consultant, money will start rolling in automatically. This is so further from the truth. It takes a lot of work.

You normally start with friends and family members. Later on you might want to come out of your comfort zone and approach strangers. Tupperware is an MLM business.

This business is easy to get into but it is very hard to make substantial amount of income with it unless you are truly, truly committed. It takes many hours and also some capital too. Do not be be fooled that with only the price you pay for the business kit you can immediately start selling.

You have to be a user or consumer of the products first. Otherwise, how could you convince people to buy? You have to know the items inside out. You have to be quick to offer alternatives if the products your customer wants are not available.

It is a product knowledge intensive business. You must spend time in product knowledge training as well as learning SELLING SKILLS! Do not believe for an instant if anyone who proposes an MLM business to you will say you do not have to know how to sell.

Tupperware business kit
Current Business Kit

Most people who sign up as Tupperware dealers only do it just so they can get a distributor's discount.

There is nothing wrong with it. However, if you start offering distributor's discount to everyone, this practice will kill the business.

I mentioned before, we have to calculate our time, our phone charges, our petrol money. Not to mention our capital to buy the stock. Please do not kill this business by offering your savings to everyone. Remember, the commission earned is your salary. You would not give your salary away to people, right?

Doing business onlinePlease be considerate to other Tupperware dealers who are hard at work to make an honest living by selling these products.

Here are the steps required to sign up as a Tupperware Dealer

  • Fill up the application form. It is open to Malaysian citizens only.
  • Buy a business kit which includes a bag, some sample products, catalog, brochure, business plan CD, a year subscription of Inspira Magazine and some savings coupons special for the new consultant. This kit costs RM60.00 and the products sample offered may change from time to time.
  • Make a minimum purchase of RM150.00 with your application so that your membership is immediately activated.
  •  If you do not make a purchase within 21 days of having your name registered, your registration is not considered counted for your upline to have any recruiting benefit for the month.
  • Maintain a minimum of RM500.00 sale per year or pay RM30.00 to renew your membership by purchasing Inspira magazine.

Please contact me for more information on how to sign up and be a good Tupperware dealer or even if you just want to sign up so that you can get a distributor's price.

Please note that the terms "dealer", "consultant" and "distributor" are used interchangeably.

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