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Tupperware catalog is divided into several booklets. The first one is called the regular products or the big catalog. The other one is campaign catalog or (you guess right..) the small catalog.

floral one touch canister
This is a special one touch canister for members of the sales force who achieved a sales target.

Many people invariably would be drawn to the campaign brochure because it is supposed to have discounted items.

However, campaign brochure is also there to advertise new products release, limited release items or special campaign to celebrate festivals.

Besides  these two types of catalog, there are also periodical flyers which are produced to help boost sales.

Especially when an incentive trip is coming or a special fund is being raised.

I put recent normal priced campaign catalog with prices on this web site.

It is an intensive effort, so please bear with me while I get them ready. Meanwhile, look through this current sales campaign with massive discount here.

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