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Tupperware Malaysia has been established since 1963. It is almost 50 years in Malaysia. During that time, at least three generations have grown with Tupperware. Tupperware parties in the old days were so popular then they paved the way for many other MLM companies to follow suit.

Now, the company is known as Tupperware Brands. It is a member of DSAM, Direct Selling Association of Malaysia.

Besides selling Tupperware as its core products, it also has household cleaning items, beauty products under the brand BeautiControl and healthcare and wellness products using Japanese technology NaturCare.

Since 2007, Tupperware business plan was changed from single level to Multi-level. This is done at the  same time of re-branding the products under the company, collectively making Tupperware, BeautiControl, Hanokke, NaturCare and TupperChef under Tupperware Brands.

The advantage of this new business plan is you may recruit your downline all over Malaysia as opposed to the old plan. The new computerized system also enable you to track your team performance in real time using TWBiznet.

Now there are around forty Tupperware Brands outlets around the country. This is where you go to buy your products. By becoming a Tupperware Consultant, you can purchase your items at discounted distributor's price at any of the centers simply by presenting your Tupperware Brands membership card.

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