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 Top Tupperware Manager - The Untold Secret

What makes a top Tupperware manager? The lucky (or unlucky ones) who reads this article will probably thank me profusely or leave in a huff because she does not want to hear the truth.

However, read on to find out the secrets to your success, if you are serious to become a successful Tupperware manager (or the new term now, "Director").

Even kids know that a simple thing like a trip to the local park needs planning. However, most people fail to plan, surprisingly, with things that potentially can make them extra cash. Lots and lots of it.

Many people sign up without understanding what it means to be a Tupperware dealer or distributor. They are not informed by their recruiters who in turn are as ignorant as them too, about running a profitable business. I truly disagree with "hold you by the hand approach" as touted by the company. This sounds so corny, just like what you would say to a kindergarten child.

The company also sometimes uses marketing hypes by advertising: "Housewife makes a four-figure income" or "A college drop out become a Senior Executive Director", but that is only half the story.

Do you ever dig what happened to the "housewife" after three months? Or, that the college drop-out actually has been a Tupperware Manager for the last 25 years? I could see you nodding your head now... no wonder.

Hmm, I can see also you knitting your brows.

So, here is the true deal:

A Top Tupperware Manager understands like any business, Tupperware like any MLM, needs a solid plan. So, she is prepared from Day 1.

  • She is at least a master with the electronic calculator, she has it and is not afraid to use it
  • Even better, she is armed with a cell-phone and an active Email account to boot
  • She is Internet savvy, and able to find information quickly

If this lady does not know any of the skills above, she learns fast from the best. I have come across of people who are not even able to tot up their total sales. Come on girl, if you cannot even do this, do not even dare to call yourself a Tupperware dealer.

A Top Tupperware Manager is able to write a Business Plan.

It takes a few solid soul searching, calculation and research sessions to come up with a plan that works.

  • What is your goal? An extra RM500/month perhaps? Or, I need the money to pay for the new car? Or I would like my kids to go to a private school. So, you have the goal? Fantastic!
  • Now, sort out how much sale you need to achieve each month to reach your goal. That could be daunting once you realize how much work is involved to get that RM500 per month consistently.
  • How are you going to arm yourself with product knowledge? Are you willing to spend at least three hours a week to go to your upline meeting? Are you willing to read and understand business skills tips and apply that in real life too?

A Top Tupperware Manager does her market research

  • Who are you customers? Know them inside out. Age, gender, income, number of the people in their household? Of course it takes time to master this. People are mostly fickle when it comes to buying products. How do you overcome this problem?

A Top Tupperware Manager knows why would they buy from her? She knows how to differentiate herself from the rest of Tupperware Managers?

  • Identify your marketing channels. Will it be only through catalog sale? Stuff them by the thousands in faceless mailboxes? Will it be endless parties if you are lucky to find willing hostesses? Or anonymous business cards plastered all over office walls? Via the Internet?

Are you going to use all or specialize in certain marketing means? Go for it! Examine each one and identify which mix will work the best for you.

  • Predict the next five years business trend

    In order to become a top Tupperware Manager, you should predict the  future trend. Where will your business go in the next 5 years? Will you be able to cope with the changes? In technology, in product evolution?

In this manner, a top Tupperware Manager works through a complete business plan before launching the business.

A Top Tupperware Manager Treats Her Business As a Real Business and not just as a hobby so that she can collect more Tupperware for FREE!

For example, sometimes my downline complain that people tell her the products are too expensive. So, how do you come up with points to justify the price? Here, understanding simple Arithmetic is crucial.

If people say the product is expensive, show one by one why it is so:

  • Comparison how much similar item costs and how long it will last.
  • Does ordinary plastic have lifetime warranty?
  • Is ordinary plastic container safe for contact with food?
  • Does ordinary tumbler prevent spill if you knock it upside down?
  • Is it able to keep your food as fresh as Tupperware does?

A top Tupperware Manager lists details, and calculates customer's savings.

A Top Tupperware Distributor also thinks of the customer, ready to provide after sales service, and not just run after making a quick buck. She is ready to have a lasting relationship with her customers.

To facilitate ordering for the customer, a Tupperware Manager will try to use every outlet available: parties (online or in person), emails, current product information on a website, delivery by courier service and etc.

Finally I close this with a long sentence:

To be a Tupperware consultant is very easy, every Jane, Jean or Henrietta can be one by buying the kit bag BUT becoming a Top Tupperware Manager requires demands, commitment, brain, motivation and no fear to hard work. There is simply no short cut to wealth.

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