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Tupperware for Children

Besides being nicely designed for small hands to grasp and having bright cheerful colors, Moms are happy to know that when anything is spilled or dropped, there are no broken glasses to deal with.

Tupperware for children
These are my nieces, they are twins. Most of the time they want a pair of everything exactly the same but sometimes they want their own colors too.

When I had my first baby, his diapers, toiletries and toys were safely tucked in big sized Tupperware containers. These boxes have lid that prevent dust or insects from contaminating the content. They are also transparent so that I can see what are stored inside at first glance, thus saving time.

Tupperware always comes up with nifty baby bottle sets for babies too. The sets always comprise of containers to store the milk powder, tumblers to store water and also for sterilizing feeding bottles.

Tumblers for children are released with their favorite cartoon characters. Kids just love them.  Err.. actually "bigger" kids also like them! One thing good about training the kids to bring their own lunchbox to school is, it helps to train the habit of being frugal and teaches them the value of money.

The lunchboxes are also prepared with love by mothers, knowing that the Tupperware for kids keep those home-made food fresh till break time.

For toddlers, there are also a lot of educational Tupperware toys being released from time to time. The classic is Shape 'O Toy. I bought this toy for my daughter when she turned one year old as a birthday present. She is now seven years old but still loves to play with it!

The kids just love miniature Tupperware that we get during our Tupperware parties. I can testify, both my children would play with them for hours on end. They come up with plenty of ideas to turn these delightful bits into many make-belief things.

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