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Tupperware Quality Assurance Symbols

Tupperware quality is synonymous with durability, good design and safety. Tupperware items comply to US TSCA, European EINECS and Japanese ENCS guidelines.

Tupperware pays attention to the safety of its products. For example, the Shape 'O toys "Maraka" in April 2009 were recalled because some parts could break easily and turn into a potential hazard to small children due to choking. In this instance, the buyers were refunded with either gift certificate or cash voucher to get another item of the same value.

Symbols you may find on your Tupperware The meaning of Tupperware quality symbols.
universal recycle symbol This is a Morbius loop signifying universal recyclable material. All Tupperware items are recyclable and can be re-manufactured into other things.
dishwasher safe Dishwasher safe. All Tupperware items produced after 3rd September 1979 are dishwasher safe, but please put them on the top rack, away from the heating element. Click here for more cleaning tips.
food grade symbol This is a universal sign for "food safe" food container and utensils. All Tupperware products carry this symbol.
safe for mirowave use This means the items are microwave safe BUT not meant for cooking. It is for reheating only. Never use 100% power while microwaving reheatable Tupperware products.
safe for oven use The silicone ware items are oven safe. You can bake as normal in the oven using these molds. Be careful with sharp knives though, once torn, the molds are no longer good.
durable for freezer use Freezer safe. The containers with this mark can be placed in the freezer without cracking provided you do not fill it too full. There is an indicator line to show how much items you can place in it. FreezerMate containers also prevent freezer burn.

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