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Tupperware Lifetime Warranty

Tupperware lifetime warranty is a unique feature for almost all Tupperware plastic products. However there are certain conditions in order for you to exercise your rights as a user so that you can enjoy this warranty.

If you are a discerning user who know how to take care of your containers, you will appreciate that Tupperware Lifetime Warranty will save you money in the long run.

Fun fact

In some part of the Philippines, Tupperware are accepted at pawn shops in exchange of cash.

The reason is because, the products still have value even after being used for several years and when the items are damaged, you can get new ones for free.

If the items are no longer in production, you will get something else which have the same monetary value as the ones out of production. There is a condition in this, the item must be complete; both the seal and the base have to be submitted together.

Here I will outline to you what are the items not covered under the warranty and what are the conditions so that Tupperware Lifetime Warranty will apply.

  • Items covered include all plastic products that have individual code numbers EXCEPT for nett items that you get during a Tupperware Party.
  • If you buy a container with perishable in it like teabags, cakes or cookies, only the container is applicable for the warranty and NOT the perishables items.
  • If you buy a water tumbler with a canvas sling bag, the bag is not covered under the warranty.
  • If you buy plastic items with prints on them, the prints may fade over time (because of repeated washing, etc) and thus the erasure of the prints is not covered under the warranty.
  • Stainless steel flatware, knives or cookware are not covered under this warranty but that said, the quality of these products will ensure you have many years of good use.
  • Cosmetics under BeautiControl is not covered under the warranty, while this seems to be a no-brainer, some people expected to get this warranty when their compact powder case was broken, for instance.
  • Hanokke tableware items have 10 years limited warranty but not all cases are accepted, same as above.
  • Water dispenser like the 14.5 liter container has a spout for dispensing water. This spout is not covered by the warranty but you can buy it as a spare part if it is damaged at any Tupperware Service Center.
  • Silicone nipples that come with the Baby bottle and warmer set is not covered by the warranty.

Here are the conditions whereby you will be rejected to claim for the warranty:

impact crack at a Tupperware base
Impact crack at the corner of a Tupperware base is not eligible for the warranty.

  • Your plastic items were accidentally dropped and broke with the tell-tale corner impact cracks.
  • Stain such as from hard water, coffee, sauces or curry will not entitle you for a new Tupperware under the warranty
  • You accidentally melted the plastic due to near proximity of heat source like the stove or over heated the container in the microwave.
  • The items do not have Tupperware logo on it.

stain is not covered by Tupperware warranty
The mark was caused by hot grease that melted the plastic and then the oily sauce stuck as stain, this is not covered by the warranty.

  • The item returned is broken but only half of what they are supposed to be are submitted for replacement.
  • There are bite marks, either made by little human's teeth or rodents'.
  • There are scratches or cut mark made by hard objects or knives on the surface of the Tupperware.
  • You LOST your Tupperware. Do not laugh, I have a case when someone who lost his Tupperware tumbler came to claim "his lifetime warranty"
  • Your Tupperware has bad smell and therefore you want a new one, sorry, it is not covered under the warranty. Try these tips instead.

Finally, here are the conditions where you will get spanking brand new Tupperware spare parts or even a whole new set:

  • The pieces are chipped due to age
  • The pieces are warped due to age
  • The piece is broken and the breaking line passes through the mold injection point at the center of the seal or the base
  • The surface of the piece peels
  • The seal becomes loose over time. We have a test to determine this by placing some water, covering it with the seal and leave the container on its side. If the water drips through the seal after a few minutes, then the seal will be replaced FREE of charge.

It can take up to a month or more to get your replacement if they are not available. For common items like tumbler's seal, you will get your replacement immediately. You may send your damaged items to any Tupperware dealers who will submit them to the Service Center.

Make sure that the dealer is an active one who delivers good, quick service. If you are not lucky, you will find that the dealer may disappear together with your damaged items for good.

Alternatively, you may also go yourself to the center for replacement even if you are not a dealer.

What happen to all those old Tupperware items sent for replacement?
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I am sure these information will see your Tupperware collection in good hands. I have here a list of good tips to follow in order to make your Tupperware maintains its good looks and lasts longer. If you have other questions, feel free to submit your concern to my Tupperware forums.

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