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Tupperware Seals

Tupperware seals make the brand so special compared to others. The seals have many types and there are also several shapes. Some of them are interchangeable.

Round classic seals were the first seals Tupperware inventor, Earl Tupper, created in the 1940's. They used the principle of the inverted lid of a paint can.

At that time Tupperware only came in white. Only later on, color pigments were added and new texture were created that helped to contribute to Tupperware mania that took the world household by storm.

Also please bear in mind that not all Tupperware seals are designed to be air-tight. Some are merely for covers like for the food platter.

Round Classic Seal

Tupperware round seals
Above you can see the smallest seal "Seal K" for midget and "Seal A" (in white) and Seal G
in orange and green. The one with hole in the middle is called "doughnut seal"

The round seals may or may not have tabs. Those with tabs are designed for easy removal. Classic round seals are divided by sizes. Here are the sizes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, R, T, V, W, X, Y and Z.

seal K 
	vs seal V of Tupperware seals
This is a comparison between the largest classic round seal (seal V)
and the smallest one (seal K)

"A" seal does not mean the smallest seal. It is one the most commonly used seals, though.

seal G
This is seal G, it can be used for a snack cup, 4 oz or 8 oz tumblers as they all have the same opening size.

In fact the smallest seal is "K" seal (used for midgets) and the biggest is "V" seal for the big basin with an air-tight cover.

In order to know what kind of seal a round container will take, simply look at the base of the container to see what letter is stamped there. "C base" will take "C seal" and so on.

In case you are wondering why, bases with the same opening can contain different volume of food.

That is why this easy coding system is applied.

Other Types of Round Seals

There are:

  • Instant seal
  • One touch seal
  • Push/pull up seal

I will extend this section later on.

Rectangular seals

Now having just round containers, though practical, take a bit more space. So, Tupperware have many other shaped seals too like the square or rectangular ones.

  • Square round seal is a classic seal for sandwich boxes.
  • Square away seal has three sizes: mini square away, square away and large square away. They are always mistaken as square round seals.
  • Snack stor seal is for 10.5" square container that is so popular for storing a whole square cake.
  • Stak stor seals are used for sealing rectangular containers for vegetables in the fridge.

Modular Mates Seals

Modular Mates seals have 5 basic shapes:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Mini rectangular

The seal dovetails to match with the groove on the base. I will expand further on Modular Mates since they are indispensable for custom kitchen cabinet planning.

modular mate seal and container dovetail
Dovetail between the seal and the base of a Modular Mate container

There are also some variations to MM seals, like a hinge that can be opened halfway so that you can pour the content out, on one side or even both sides of the seal.

Newer seals

New products are being developed over the years by Tupperware so naturally the seals also being invented as we speak. Tupperware now leads in design innovation especially to create seals that are more durable and last longer.

I am sure the information above is useful especially when you wish to replace the seals which are either lost or damaged and not covered by Tupperware Lifetime Warranty.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask them at my Tupperware forums.

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