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Genuine Tupperware

Genuine Tupperware items have certain characteristics that differ them from the imitation. We can see plenty of plastic products in the market but none of them can be called Tupperware unless they have the criteria I describe below.

Genuine Tupperware is not available at your typical supermarket, hardware or grocery store.

They are only available at Authorized Service Center or from your direct selling Tupperware dealers.

If you happen to see an item that claims to be Tupperware but sold at the sidewalk or at a supermarket shelf, you know they are fake items.

Any Tupperware part, however small, has its Trademark and a code number. You can see a lot of imitation Tupperware products on the market since generic plastic containers are called Tupperware as well.

If they do not have the Trademark logo and the code, it is a fake, no matter how good the imitation is. Therefore, this imitation does not deserve the Tupperware lifetime warranty.

When I was running my authorized Tupperware kiosk in Penang some years back, I saw a lot of instances when people came with fake Tupperware spare parts and expected to get a new genuine piece in return. I could immediately tell that those items were not eligible for replacement by Tupperware.

Tupperware nett items for gifts at parties
Even nett items used as gifts for a Tupperware party have their own
individual code numbers.

Of course they would be disappointed. Some were not even aware that their items were not genuine because the person who sold the pieces to them was not honest. Being ignorant of what to look for in a genuine product, they fell for the ruse.

So, here is some advice on what to look for when you buy a Tupperware product:

  • Look for the Tupperware logo at both the seals and the bases
  • Look for its product codes
  • Ask the Tupperware sales person which parts are covered under the Tupperware Lifetime warranty. If the sales person does not know it, do not buy from this person. It is most likely you will not get any after sales service from this person.

The image-files below will help you to identify genuine Tupperware from the fake ones.

tupperware logo font

tupperware logo font

tupperware logo font

The logo can be stamped using any of the font types as on the left.
tupperware code number There will be code numbers at the seal and also at the base.
letters to denote type of round seal

There will also be letters such as A, B, C, G, F, etc at the seal and at the base. These denote the type of seal which fits with that container. These letters refer to round shaped seals only. Seals with rectangular shapes use only numbers with suffix.

By learning these simple things to look for, you will not be cheated. 

After buying these products, it would be good to know some useful handling tips so that your purchase will last longer.

Finally, here is something to lighten up this sombre page. For the Malaysians/Singaporeans and Indonesians, we are familiar with the term "Tipuware", aren't we?

fake tupperware ad

Tupperware: Plastic by Tupperware Brands, Inc.
"Tipuware. Quality plastic lookalike. ...Get the original."

Art Director: Alvin Pak Chung Khay
Copywriter: Usamah Azlan

Translation from the Malay language: Tipu means "to cheat". In this context it means "fake". It is a funny play of word. "Tipuware" sounds just like "Tupperware" when pronounced quickly.

I also believe that a lot of aunties out there called Tupperware as "Tapaware" and the word "tapau" as used by the Chinese in Malaysia originates from the word "Tupperware" too. What do you think? Please let me know.

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