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Nazlina the Tupperware Manager

Hi, I am Nazlina the Tupperware Manager who lives in Penang, Malaysia. I have been a manager since 2002.

Before becoming a Manager, I was a Tupperware user who simply loved the products.

It's a passion, a craze, an obsession even till one day I realized my home could be called a Tupperware museum!

I am sure you can relate to that, otherwise you would not be here.

Tupperware has been around for over 50 years. It has thousands of products for your food storages. From air-tight lunchboxes to freezer-safe containers, Tupperware covers all your needs.

If you are clueless which items are suitable to solve your problems, please ask me. I would be pleased to advise you.

ice age 3 tumblers
NEW! Ice Age 3 Tumblers in fun design!

I know a lot of people would simply ask straight for a Tupperware catalog. However, there are a lot of things to consider before buying a product such as what kind of food you want to store or is it for serving or for take-away?

Tupperware products carry a lifetime warranty, but with certain conditions.

tupperware manual juicer
The handy-dandy Tupperware juicer.

For example, Tupperware stains on your container caused by tomato paste or oily curry do not make the piece eligible for Tupperware replacement.

Microwaveable containers like Tupperware Rock 'N Serve also have limited warranty.

If you accidentally overheat your Rock 'N Serve in the microwave, your melted plastic is not eligible for a new one.

By becoming a Tupperware Manager also, I earn an income from my downline on top of the commission of retail sales. It is not an easy job. I am not going to say I work from home or I work flexible hours because it is simply not true! There is a lot of misconception about this business that I wish to clarify with you.

In these uncertain times, many people would be tempted to jump into " Tupperware job" or other direct selling or MLM business. But do you know that  the success rate is a mere 2%?

98% of people who sign up will either never make use of the kit bag issued to them or just becoming a consumer who never sell a thing to another person. It is not really a bad thing, you see. It is just the way people are. Some people are never cut out to become a sales person.

nazlina the tupperware manager
Nazlina (left) receiving a present after
a cooking demonstration.

You will be told that the best way to earn is by hosting a home party. However, time changes; it is very difficult to get a hostess nowadays to host your party.

Everybody is busy.  So, buying Tupperware online could become the alternative way to get your products.

Selling Tupperware online is also a good way to get an extra income.

You can even auction your secondhand Tupperware on e-Bay nowadays! Or, vintage or hard to get items.

Everybody loves a good bargain. Therefore it is not surprising sales go up the roof during festival seasons when there are a lot of products offered with huge discount. I would like to invite you to come here often for the latest deal and if you are lucky, to be able to get your hands on some exclusive Tupperware which are not in a regular catalog.

I am going to make this space the most comprehensive and current Tupperware resources, especially in Malaysia.

Please do not be shy to contact me or participate in my Tupperware Manager forums.

You are also most welcome to subscribe to my free newsletter too.

Either you will be just my customer or a successful dealer later on, I wish you all the best. Let's feed the Tupperware Craze ;-)

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