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Where to buy fruit pickles in Penang?

Where to buy fruit pickles? In this case, I will highlight to you several popular locations in Penang on where to buy fruit pickles.

Fruit pickles that you will get are normally preserved in heavy syrup or brine. Sometimes there are some spicy ones when chilies are added.

A pickles seller at Chow Rasta Market in Penang
A pickles seller at Chow Rasta Market in Penang

Penang is famous for its pickled nutmeg, mangoes, guava and papaya pickles. Other local fruits like kedondong, salak, asam kelubi and cermai are also equally delicious as pickles.

The pickles are normally sold by weight of 100g (minus the preserving liquid). The price differs depending on the type of fruits and also location.

Chowrasta Market at Penang Road (in George Town)

Chowrasta Market is one of the oldest markets in Penang. It is a two storey building right in the middle of busy Penang Road. At the front of the market are many stalls selling all kinds of fresh fruit and also pickles. Some are locally made and some are imported from Thailand, China or the Middle East. You will find exotic fruits like figs and persimmons alongside the more common local fruits like nutmeg, papaya, banana and guava.

The market is on the "must visit" list for all tourists especially for those on guided tour. They will come back laden with packets of fruity snacks, all at bargain prices, of course. They will stop asking where to buy fruit pickles, ever.

Balik Pulau Wet Market at Balik Pulau (a small town in the southwest of the island)

A pickles stall owned by a Malay trader at George Town Ferry Terminal
A pickles stall owned by a Malay trader at George Town Ferry Terminal

The wet market at Balik Pulau is well known for the place where to buy fruit pickles in bulk. The reason is because, the hilly terrains of Balik Pulau area are the perfect place for planting all these fruit trees. It is only natural that the pickles are processed locally and sold at warehouse price here. Nevertheless, normal visitors can still buy small quantities of the world famous Balik Pulau nutmeg preserves at the market.

Ferry terminal in George Town, Penang

On the entrance of the sidewalk towards the ferry terminal, there are stalls selling pickles readily packed in plastic tubes. Most of them are sold at RM5.00 for three packets. Despite the shabby looking outlets lining the sidewalk, this is one of the most heavily traveled path for the general public. The lots have been there for as long as I can remember.

Other than pickles, you can find normal titbits, drinks, fresh cut fruits and news vendor selling magazines and the ubiquitous cell phone recharge cards.

Bus terminal in Butterworth on the mainland

This terminal is a disgrace for Penang island. Since the proper terminal was burned down more than ten years ago, the government is still not able to build a modern bus terminal for the public and tourists alike. Anyway, because of the necessity, people still have no choice to get their express bus connections to destinations across Malaysia. Local buses also use this terminal.

Where to buy fruit pickles in Penang
A pickles stall selling at whosesale
price at Butterworth bus terminal

Where to buy fruit pickles? Street vendors on pushcarts have them. Anyway, there is a small lot at the MPPP food court right at the junction to the main road which claimed to "have pickles supplies direct from the warehouse". I bet this is a better place on where to buy fruit pickles.

Sunshine Square Supermarket at Bayan Baru

It must be big business for fruit pickles dealers to be able to hire permanent floor space at the basement of Sunshine Square Supermarket. The pickles are fresh and arranged neatly in large plastic containers. You are not allowed to taste any, pay first for the privilege! The price is higher than normal but you expect that from a supermarket.

Other snacks like spicy peanuts, raw cashew nuts, and preserved prunes from China are also available.

Medan Suri stall at Sungai Nibong

This establishment is at the back of Medan Suri food court. There are rows and rows of pickles in big containers. Simply go there and get your poison at a very reasonable price.

*Drool* :=P~~

Night market vendors located around the state

To sample the true atmosphere of Malaysian hawkers food, night market is the place to go. Night market (Pasar Malam in Malay) for any given area is held on the same day every week. For example, in my neighborhood, it is held on Wednesdays. It starts from around 5.00p.m. to 11.00 p.m. Pickles are normally sold from vans specially made for displaying the merchandise. You would be spoilt for choice. Pasar malam food is cheap and has a lot of variety, the same goes for pickles sold there.

Now that you know where to buy fruit pickles in Penang, make sure you try at least one of the locations mentioned above. Have fun shopping and sampling the pickles.

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