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Cooking Traditional Food Class in Penang with Nazlina

Location: Nazlina Spice Station at no. 2, Campbell Street, 10100 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

Please read all information below carefully. If you still cannot find the info you seek, please fill up the query box at the end of this page. Thank you.


The morning class for 20th March 2017 is fully booked.

We will be closed from 21st March to 26th March 2017.


Also check your spam box ASAP in case our reply goes in there.

AND please read ALL details on this page before making your booking.

Thank you.

This is Nazlina Spice Station

It is at the corner of Campbell and Carnarvon street in front of Campbell Street market. Please refer to Google Map below for directions. Tell taxi drivers, it is opposite Campbell Street market because most of them really DO NOT like to look up for the address. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. Google map and Facebook can pinpoint our location easily. Nazlina Spice Station, Nazlina's Cooking Class and Penang Cooking Class will point you to the right direction.

map to nazlina

Classes are available daily except on Sundays. Meet in front of Campbell Street market at the corner of Campbell Street and Carnarvon Street at 7.30 a.m. If you stay within 10-20 minutes walk to the area of the meeting point, please refer to the map in order to get there on foot. Transfer request to the venue is chargeable. Use UBER for a cheaper rate.

Class approximately lasts for 5 hours. We are going to make a minimum of four items in each session. Sometimes we make five items. Some items are simpler to make, some take longer than others. Nazlina will decide what is appropriate, given the time and resources that we have.


We make 4 to 5 items including dessert per session, at RM225.00 nett per person. I would like to assure you, it is a truly value for money experience. Old copies of Lonely Planet stated the prize to be RM160 nett but that was in 2014 and we only made 3 items during that time.

We do not offer discount. We do however, can personalize your sessions if your group is 12 pax or more for a team building experience.


Telephone number to SMS/WhatsApp your query or reservation including name and your email address to: (+6012-4538167). Those who fail to adhere to this rule will not be entertained.

Attention travellers:

Many people simply send Whatsapp messages at the last minute and have all kinds of demands. Do not have WiFi? Please buy a local SIM card. It is cheap and convenient. Please do not give me such excuses that my email landed in your spam box or you did not see my replies just because you did not have WiFi. That is why we strongly discourage people from booking at the last minute.

Bookings are closed 36 hours for the following morning's class. You may ask after that cut off time, and if you are lucky we are still able to answer it on time. Please use the contact form rather than Whatsapp. Communication through Whatsapp is not meant for a last minute query AND please, please, please, include your name and email address!

Please DO NOT call. I simply cannot answer calls when I hold classes. Besides, by writing a query by email, all details are recorded so that everything will be in black and white.

More questions can be forwarded through the contact form below. Thank you.

By reservation only. Please indicate in the contact form which session you prefer. The menu for Mar-May 2017 are listed below. For future months, they will be announced as the date is nearer.



A.M. Class

7.30 am-12.30pm (Includes Breakfast And Market tour)


P.M. Class

2.30pm-5.30pm (no market tour); may join the morning class tour and breakfast in the morning.

Examples of other recipes you may request (at an additonal cost or replace the item from the original menu):

(If not in the list, you can always ask)

March 2017

Nasi Lemak

Eggplant sambal

Char Koay Teow

Lepat pisang (steamed banana cake)

Seasonal Malay salad

Roti canai

Vegetables dalcha

Nasi lemak

Tofu sambal


Mee Goreng Mamak

Char Koay Teow

Chicken Curry Laksa

Mee Siam (Vermicelli)

Asam laksa

Chicken curry laksa


Aprill 2017

Beef in black sauce

Cabbage and turmeric stir fry with mustard seeds

Cucumber and pineapple salad

Curry puff

Bubur pulut hitam


Spring rolls with dates sauce

Tomato rice

Potatoes and pumpkin in lemongrass and chili sauce.

Mixed salad with sesame seeds

Sweet potatoes doughnut


Beef in black sauce

Chicken curry kapitan

Chicken/Fish Curry

Fish Head Curry

Yellow Sauce Curry

Curry Kapitan

May 2017


Beef rendang

Yellow Glutinous rice

Spring rolls with dates sauce

Pandan pancake





Cucumber raita

Aloo Sabzi

Vegetables dalcha

Ginger Chai


Rice dishes:

Nasi ulam

Nasi minyak

Nasi tomato


Nasi lemak

Nasi Lemuni

RM 225.00 NETT per adult. RM110.00 nett per child between 5- 12 years old.

RM 180.00 NETT per adult for the afternoon class without the market tour for the vegan or vegetarian class. RM 90.00 per child for PM class.

RM 200.00 NETT per adult for the afternoon class without the market tour for non-vegan or non-vegetarian classes.

Payable via Paypal to nazlina.hussin @gmail.com (Please ensure the transaction cost is covered (about 5% for Paypal).

or via Maybank2u.com.my online payment or a cash deposit machine. Details about each payment method will be emailed accordingly.

Advanced full payment is required for all reservations ESPECIALLY for the afternoon class. Ingredients are bought fresh in the morning. There will be no refund for no-shows. Payment can be brought forward to another date at our discretion if enough notice is given. Please ensure the transaction cost is covered (about 5% for Paypal).

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon. I sound worse (from what I wrote above) than I truly am because I have to filter people who come to my classes so that only those who are serious and can understand the value of what I do will find it a worthy experience.

Thank you.



Even though the menus are advertised here, they are not set in stone. They are flexible. you can request in advance or when we meet up for breakfast. We will let you know if it is possible to cook the menu of your choice and we can always compromise with the rest of the group joining a particular session.

There are no market tours for all PM classes but participants are welcome to join the morning class' group for the market tour and breakfast at 7.30 am and come later to cook at 2.00pm. For this option it is RM225.

Please indicate food allergy or dietary requirement when filling up the form below.

Cooking Class in Penang

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