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Cooking Traditional Food Class with Nazlina

Hello everybody,

Welcome to Nazlina's Traditional Cooking Class!"

Nazlina, a.k.a The Fierce Aunty, has pledged to uphold the Malaysian traditional cuisine, so that the old cooking ways are not forgotten and those who are in the know would tut-tut and cluck their tongues upon seeing anything that is being drizzled in cheese being passed of as nouvelle cuisine Malaisienne.

So, we all love Malaysian food, we all rave the tastes of our childhood and those who visited Malaysia, fall in absolute love with its rich cuisine too.

Let's start cracking and let The Fierce Aunty be your rotan-wielding teacher to guide you The Way. Fill up the form below and we'll get talking soon.

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Thanks for visiting (and requesting for my free "8 Essential Nyonya Recipes" e-book),
Much love from Nazlina a.k.a The Fierce Aunty

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