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NazlinaNazlina Hussin. Yes, that's me. A few years ago, I wrote this description about myself. Now, because of current developments, I have to update the story.

When I started this web site, I had no clue it would grow into something like this. That I would get readers from all over the world, that it would also help launch a professional career and would include an appearance on television. I never call myself a chef, after all, I never went to any culinary school. What I lack in paper qualification, I make it up through reading, interacting with other fellow cooks and practicing the skills, over and over again.

Because of this, people from all over the world come to cook with me. I have food journalists, restaurant owners, chefs, food critiques and foodies as my students. It is a great experience! Below is a snippet where I taught a Michelin star Chef, Atul Kocchar how to make nasi lemak.

Numerous online publications link to this website. Other newspapers from abroad also published my story. Our own Malaysian Airlines in-flight magazine: "Going Places" also printed a story about me in their August 2010 issue. Air Asia had me covered in one of their inflight magazines.

The BBC included a section about me doing a nasi lemak class in one of their food programs. And early 2014 the British Independent mentioned Penang as the #1 food destination for 2014 with mentioning Nazlina Spice Station as the place to visit in Penang! I am getting famous! ;-)

After moving from Tropical Spice Garden to Islamic Museum and later Lone Pine Hotel and E&O hotel, I set up my own Nazlina Spice Station which is now located at:

2 Campbell Street (Lebuh Cambell)
10100 George Town Penang

Upstairs we do from Monday to Saturday cooking classes while downstairs we have afternoon cooking demonstrations, walking, heritage and food tours plus an additional range of hiking and nature tours in Penang and Perak available.

Best regards,

You can also contact me directly if you wish.

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Daily Telegraph June 24, 2010

Here is the whole article

Nazlina's Cooking Class in Penang

cooking class in penang

Attend my cooking class to learn making traditional food.

  • Daily except Sunday @Nazlina Spice Station.

The morning class includes Penang Market Tour.



We now offer PM classes, for vegan and


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Learn to make biryani step by step with photos.

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