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Teambuilding Cooking Class

Everybody knows teamwork makes light of heavy chores. This is so true of my cooking class. The way it is done, everybody chips in and under my guidance, we would produce fantastic food, made from scratch.

scraping coconut flesh
Scraping coconuts is a lot of fun!

I have had several large groups, between 12 to 24 people who cooked with me as a team. For instance, there were a group of 16 undergraduate girls from Holland, a group of 24 graduate students, also from Holland, five multi-national directors of a medical supply company. a group of 14 year-olds who came from a school in Australia and a direct selling company which also came from Down Under to celebrate their success by organizing a company trip to Penang.

children cooking class
Nazlina with 14 year-olds, with their class teacher.

Teambuilding cooking class is the perfect way to bond as a group. Further, you kill two birds in one stone. A team building exercise, coupled with a group lunch or dinner!

It is really funny to see how people work in a group. Some are good, some are lazy, some just sit around and drink, smoke or doze! One thing for sure, your team mates would know who are the lazy ones and would pull you back in!

teambuilding cooking class with nazlina
Sixteen pretty young Dutch ladies.

I just tell the group, the quality of the food for their meals depends on how hard they work. If they are lazy, there would not be enough ingredients into the pot. On the other hand, if they follow all my instructions, they can enjoy the fruit of their labor happily as a reward.

teambuilding cooking  class with nazlina
Graduate students from TU Delft, Holland; with their supervisor.

Joanne dragged her husband and his four colleagues out of the boardroom into my cooking class because that was what they had been doing -- meeting all day and night since they arrived in Penang.

Afterwards, "the boys" could not stop talking about the special evening, according to Joanne, who also joined another regular session with me the following day.

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Attend my cooking class to learn making traditional food.

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