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Spicy offer. Hmm... intriguing, eh?

Yes it is a gimmick. I want to get your attention. Now that I get your attention, please stay and read on.

If you read "About Me" page, you would understand that I was a former Electronics Engineer. Coming from a conservative Malay family, my decision to quit my job and work on my own shocked everyone around me.

The responses I got were very "encouraging":

Disbelief: What? You are ditching that plum job with all the perks to sit on the beach watching the sunset on Redang Island?

Accusation: Your parents spent good money for your education in England and you are throwing it away.

Insult: Your friends would be driving fancy cars and having valuable properties while you would still be living in a shack.

My answer was: Yes, I am starting to raise my own family and I want to be first hand mother to my babies.

I want to breastfeed them, I want to watch their first steps, I want to cuddle them and inhale their baby-ish smell when I hold them close to me.

I want to see the first tooth, teach them the ABC and read stories to them every night. I want to touch and feel their soft skin and watch them grow and develop.

If I work full time, they would be left with strangers at a daycare that has strict regime. They would be restricted in their freedom and creativity. They will learn to speak without me as a tutor.

...and perish the thought - they would be programmed like robots with a set routine everyday!

I would also be so washed out by the end of the day to spend quality time with them.

I do not think I am wasting away my education or my knowledge because I can always pass them on to my children. I also know my technical knowledge will be handy in my business.

I like the outdoor, I love the sea, I no longer want to be confined to 9-5 jobs. I just got married, I want to be with the man I love and this is the world we choose to build our lives together.

That was back in 1997. I started with a free web site with Geocities. In the beginning, I learned to design web sites from scratch. I promoted SCUBA diving and also became an agent to sell hotel rooms and diving packages.

Later on, I set up a proper company and also a proper domain name (www.scuba-quest.com.my) to go with it. Also, I discovered that Frontpage was a cool software to have to build my site.

I managed to secure bookings from all over the world. Working from home.

In Malaysia, at that time, it was quite unheard of for e-commerce and my modest effort paid off handsomely that for the first eight months, I earned RM 25000.00 (US$6578.00) from the commissions alone!

I was able to put down the payment to buy my dream car with that money. Little did I know, without any knowledge of how Search Engines worked, I was already practicing the SBI! concept.

What is the SBI! concept?

Generating traffic through keywords related content and pre-selling by writing with passion and enthusiasm!

What? Does it sound Greek to you?

What was the site about? Scuba Diving in Redang island in Malaysia.

Am I passionate about the island? You bet! It was the special place for my honeymoon.

Am I crazy about SCUBA diving? Oh yes, as soon as I learned to swim at the age of 24, I signed up for an open water course in Phuket in Thailand and after that, at every opportunity, I would take time off work and traveled to dive hot spots in South East Asia.

I created the content, managed the site and answered queries. My husband provided underwater pictures and led dive trips. It was a match made in heaven.

Search Engines loved my site, it was listed at top ten on every keyword related to SCUBA diving in Redang island.

Alas, all good things always come to an end. We were sabotaged by other dive operators. There was a boat accident. We lost the lawsuit. Needless to say, due to my lack of experience and naivete, the business crumbled. The marriage also fell apart.

My theme related web site was also no longer exclusive as they were more competitors with bigger capital to compete.

It was a harrowing time. I decided to come back to Penang, hoping I could get back to engineering. Uh, uh. Eight years is too long to make a comeback. Prejudice and misconception aplenty: you have children, your skills are outdated, you are a woman.

Welcome to the real world of equal employment opportunities!

Selling my dream car, I started a direct selling business. It was something I am passionate about, it made money and paid the bills but I needed to leave the children for hours on end. Making calls and following up on leads. I worked non-stop for ten solid months to build my organization until one day I realized my children were being neglected.

I was at the pinnacle of my direct selling career but I forgot what mattered most. So, I took a step back to reassess the situation. I knew I needed to spend more time at home without compromising on the income.


While on vacation with my children for the first time after that ten months of non-stop work, I met a friend who introduced me to SBI!. He told me I can make a living by creating a web site. Without even selling anything physical. Just by writing about what you are passionate about.

Like most of us, I was very skeptical when he told me about this opportunity.

How is that possible? With my first Internet business experience, I can understand that the web site made money from referrals and also leads for the hotels and dive package.

Selling nothing and yet earn money? You must be joking, right?

However, he is a living proof. I was shown statistics and figures from the traffic generated by the web sites he owned.

Even then, I was not convinced.

Little by little, I was intrigued. I logged in as a guest at the Sitesell forums. I was truly impressed to see the massive amount of information. It was mind-boggling.

I love the commmunity feel in the forums. You can ask about anything at all related to building a web site and being an infopreneuer.

From the forums, I learn that those who are successful using Sitesell methods are very hard workers. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take between three months to two years to get the results you want.

Diligence and perseverance are required. However, since all SBI! users are passionate about their own subjects, the effort does not feel like work because they are loving every minute of what they are doing on their web sites!

I have the time to write. Writing is one of my hobbies. I have the skills with the computer and the Internet, so it will be easier. Even then, SBI! still teaches me a lot more that I can imagine possible at a very reasonable fee.

You will ask:

Did you mention I can write about any topic at all? I will make money regardless what my subject is about? Without knowing how to write any html codes? Are you serious?

And you will object further: Who will read all these things?

My answers are: YES to all your concerns! Yes, there are people who are looking for specific information on the Internet. There are millions and millions of people logging on to the Internet daily to get their information. Some will surely stop by your site, providing you follow the SBI! way.

It works, no matter what subjects you write about or anything you try to sell... Site Build It! works.

Your virtual storefront will cover the whole world, not just your local neighborhood!

Who can benefit from following the SBI! way?

  • Work-at-home-mothers Also known as WAHM. If you are a mother, who stay at home and wish to earn some income without leaving the comfort of your house, this is for you.
  • Business owners who wish to promote their services online. The whole world is your potential customers. Think about those who provide translation services or selling real estates for the expatriates.
  • People who are looking for a side income. If you have a topic you are passionate about, go for it.
  • Retrenched workers. Unfortunately, I had been in those shoes, I was RIFed once when the economy was slowing down. It is REALLY not easy to come to terms to the fact that you have been laid off.
  • Retirees and/or disabled persons. For retirees, you must have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with the world. Disabled persons can create web sites to be financially independent.
  • Anyone who wishes to abandon the rat race. Stop whining about how stressed out you are at your 9-5 jobs. Take positive action right NOW!
  • EVERYONE - young, old, man or woman, does not matter what color your skin is, SBI! is for you! We will all learn how to write better in order to communicate with our virtual audience.

As a start, I put up Adsense by Google to make my site pay. I am already getting the clicks within the first few days! Yay! It is not much to begin with. However, I believe in the system. Do what you like and the money will follow.

I also plan to write e-books as another way to monetize. It will not happen within the near future, but it will happen because I will make it happen.

To quote Dr. Ken Evoy, the President of Sitesell Inc:

"Nothing happens by accident in the world of computers, the net and customer response. There is always a reason, good or bad, and that reason is YOU!"

Dr. Ken Evoy wrote many e-books relating to small businesses on the Internet. My favorite is MYSS! Check it out. You can download it for free.

Be like a tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race.

Come on, grab this spicy offer NOW. The longer you wait, the more you lose. You owe it to yourself to be your own boss. In my case, I owe it to my beautiful children to keep on working on what really matters.

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