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Spices in Cooking

This is the most widely known usage of spices. A pinch of this or that makes a whole lot of difference to your cooking. Dishes without using spices taste so... SO bland.

Black pepper, dried chilies and
These spices are always found in Malay cooking:
Black pepper, dried chilies and cumin.

Drinks can contain spices too. Spiced wine had been made since medieval Europe.

In Asia, ginger tea is very popular, added with honey or milk. Also popular is masala tea. Masala literally means "spice" in Tamil. Combination of a few spices makes up Garam Masala - "hot spice", always included in Indian curries. Ironically, "garam" in Malay means salt, another indispensable ingredient in any types of cooking.

At a traditional Balinese spa for example, after your relaxing treatment you will be treated with herbal spicy tea flavored with honey. These special concoction will rejuvenate and improve the body circulation as well as refreshing your mind.

Spices are also used for garnishing. Asian food which is garnished even with a sprinkle of fried onion or cut fresh chilies for example, tastes so much better than the one which is not.

The rest of my web site is mostly about food, so I will move on to other usage of spices topics.

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