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Spice Therapy

Spice Therapy is the brand name of homegrown range of Aromatherapy and Spa products developed by the Tropical Spice Garden. The range is available at the Gift Shop at the Garden and at selected outlets only.

citronella range
Citronella spray, essential oil, bath salt and incense.

The products are especially created based mostly on local herbs and spices. After all, in this part of the world, usage of these effective ingredients are widely known for the wellbeing for both men and women. Especially regarding post partum treatment.

The art of aromatherapy is absorbed into this practice. It is not only for relaxation, some of them are used to deter insect bites or to prevent moths from destroying your clothes in the closet. Such is the power of Spice Therapy. It is an ancient art that has been passed down through generation and is now being captured in convenient packaging for our use.

Besides Spice Therapy, Citronella (serai wangi in Malay) and Cedarwood range is also available.

With its heavenly smell, products from this range help to shoo away the mosquitoes or other insects while you stroll in the garden.

The products include mosquito coils, body spray  body spray, incense sticks, candles and burner oil. It uses 100% natural products like coconut powder and natural fibers and is not chemical but essential oil based.

spice therapy essential oils
Spice Therapy Essential Oils

For Malay women who have just given birth, a hot bath with boiled citronella stalks and other potent herbs is such a treat after going through the ordeal of delivering a baby.

I should know since I have two children. It is really pleasant to indulge in the herbal bath once in a while too. Spice Therapy combines the wisdom of East and West remedy for easing tired muscles, relaxing the cluttered mind or promoting overall well being and sensuality.

The products come in six kinds of aroma that can induce certain moods for you:

  • BLISS is based on cinnamon leaf; perfect to reduce stress
  • AWAKEN is derived from Clove - kick start your day for an energetic start
  • RESTORE uses Allspice as the main ingredient. This spice is a cure-all
  • RECHARGE has Lemongrass (citronella), without doubt will perk you up
  • PURIFY is formulated with Ginger to remove toxic from the body
  • SENSUALIZE with Nutmeg warms up the mood for loving. Nutmeg is also good to stabilize hormonal imbalance for the ladies.

All products use 100% natural ingredients; from plants and mineral (for the bath salts). There is no preservatives, parabenes, benzen, urea or petroleum. They are packed with vitamin E which is very beneficial for healthy skin.

soap bars with essential oils and vit E
The soap bars are packed with vitamin E

The essential oil is pure, no other additives is mixed in. The rest of the products use quality base oils: water soluble olive oil, moisturizing palm oil and sweet almond oil. All these were formulated by a certified aroma therapist.

For those who are too busy to indulge at a Spa, the range from Spice Therapy is very suitable for you to take in and create your own blissful room at the privacy of your home.

These products are also perfect for gifts for everyone: for parents who are feeling under the weather or colleagues who are working too hard. Even as a goodie bag for the girlfriend back home. I am sure she would squeal with delight to get these gifts.

Gift boxes are available upon request at a minimal charge.

Take good care to store the products away from sunlight or heat source. As the ingredients are practically edible, we have to avoid them from getting spoiled quickly.

I have good news for you too. You may order the products online now with us. Please contact me for more information for a full range of products with prices.

This pre-packed therapy is so convenient for us to practice the age old methods of wellbeing passed down from our ancestors. If you can still recall the sticky messy paste made out of pounded spices and slathered on you by your grandma, you will get what I mean.

*Photos on this page are provided courtesy of Tropical Spice Garden.

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