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How to make roti canai - a story by Yusuf Martin

It takes great skills to make roti canai. Read on this entertaining story by my guest writer below.

Wrestling with Roti
By Yusuf Martin

The bronzed, slightly muscular young Indian man stood wearing nothing but his newly laundered white doti in the golden half-light of the wooden lean-to, shafts of whitening light piercing the golden ambience of the room’s interior to reveal the glistening moistness of the Indian’s arms and upper torso.

The true secrets of how to make roti canai

Roti Canai
Roti Canai

Two early teen girls peered through enlarged cracks in the lean-to’s wooden wall to spy on the young man. Next door Pa Yusop’s kampung corner shop was beginning to open so the girls new that their time was limited, but they were nevertheless glued to the spy-hole and to the performance therein.

Amir breathed a little more deeply, flexed his arm muscles and plunged his strong brown hands deep into the resisting dough, pulling and stretching the dough as hard and as long as he could, he pummeled the dough with his practised energetic fists, elbowed the dough with swift strong killer-blow motions, twisted and mangled the dough until he once more sought to take breath. Standing strong like a warrior on the field of battle, Amir was conscious of his prowess and his skills and like a warrior was scenting the enemy’s defeat.

Teh Tarik, Indian styled milk tea
Teh Tarik, Indian styled milk tea

The two girls outside watched every move as if transfixed. Every blow was registered and every tightening of the young man’s wet strong muscles accounted for. The girls’ eyes were cameras recording everything they saw, downloading the experience onto the hard-drives of their brains to retrieve and re-play later in private.

Amir once again attacked the dough, throwing his full weight into it, this time he was determined to win the bout by pinning one side of the dough with his knee and further attacking it with dexterous hand chops and energetic elbow thrusts, the gleaming sweat engendered by the exertion running down his pronounced muscles and across his sculptural chest to flow and now mingle with the oil of the glistening dough.

Make roti canai with finesse

Hot and glistening the young Indian stretched the dough as far as he was able, this way and that he wrestled with the elasticity of the dough, his firm young muscles stretched taunt and almost causing the young girls to swoon, the panting of their breath now in accord with the panting of his own. Thunk! Amir held the dough over his head and threw it hard onto the strong steel surface seeking a submission or knockout. Still the dough sprang back to shape. His martial and steel-like hands pierced the dough once more aiming for the killer-blow, satisfied Amir patted his opponent with hands shining like gold in the lean-to’s light, then turned and smiled a broad smile right to the spot where the girls were watching.

The girls, embarrassed, shyly moved back from their spy-hole, a little adrenalin coursing through their teen veins, how on earth were they to buy the roti chanai from him now, has he seen their faces, did he know who they were, surely their blushes would give them away. But a few minutes later the two blushing girls were compelled to request roti canai for their father’s breakfast, Amir looked at them, said nothing, and with a perfectly straight face winked.

And that was how roti canai (India’s pratha) – Malaysia’s Indian unleavened bread used to be made, it is now made hygienically to the highest of standards, but probably lacks a little something in taste.

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