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Cooking demo in Penang

Cooking demo in Penang can be arranged by Nazlina's Cooking Class. Let me know the date, the number of participants and what you want to learn. Leave all the small details to me and we can make a fun and educational session for everyone.

Cooking demo in Penang

On 20th March 2011, I conducted a cooking demo for members of Yoga group at Penang Swimming Club. There were 27 participants and we made three popular local dishes: Achar Buah, Daging Masak Hitam and also Rendang Ayam Kunyit.

Cooking Demo in Penang 
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Cooking demo in Penang Cooking Demo In penang Cooking Demo In penang
Cooking demo in Penang Cooking Demo In penang Cooking Demo In penang

I have no photos of the actual demo because I was busy giving instructions and cooking but I did have the time to snap a few after the session, with happy faces enjoying the fabulous lunch.


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