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Cooking Class in Penang - Ingredients

So, what sort of ingredients can you expect to use in my classes? The idea of my class is to use ingredients you can find at your own market, as much as possible.

Almost all the ingredients we use in the cooking will be fresh bought at the market during the market tour which precedes the cooking. At the market we will see all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits, dried stuff and processed foods like balachan and dried fish and dried fruits.

Dried and processed foods 
Hoover your mouse over the photos to get a better view
of the ingredients we use at the cooking classes

Balachan in Balik Pulau Fresh vegetables at the market Before the class I always explain what we use Displayed veggie before the class starts

During the tour I will introduce you to some of the lesser known veggie and spices we use in the Malay and/or Nyonya cuisine. You will smell, cook and taste them.

Depending on what is available we might try some fruits like durian, mangosteen or other fruits you may or may not have tasted before.

Ingredients ready to be used in the cooking class 
Hoover your mouse over the photos to get a better view
of the ingredients we use at the cooking classes

Prawns at the market Pineapples at the market Veggie at the market Vegetables ready for the cooking class

Of course there is a lot more to tell but that has to wait until you join my cooking class at either E&O Hotel or Nazlina Spice Station in George Town. I hope to see you soon.

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Nazlina's Cooking Class in Penang

cooking class in penang

Attend my cooking class to learn making traditional food.

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