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Pickles and Spices Updates
June 11, 2009
Dear Subscriber,

what a hectic month!

So far, June has been full of surprises, good ones that is.

I signed up for a workshop with Penang Heritage Trust, opportunity came a-knocking and I went for it!

I met Kat Chua, she's the manager of Tropical Spice Garden. The garden is a fabulous place, I tell you. One thing led to another and we came up to an agreement to do a joint-venture making a series of cooking classes at the garden.

It has been my dreams for ages, for something similar to come. I would like to think that finally the universe has conspired to make my dreams come true.

To kick start the program, we are doing a demonstration at Little Penang Street Market.

And if that is not enough, Penang Passion also comes together to promote the event. I did two book reviews for the publisher in exchange for their promotion, so it is win-win for all involved.

I am breathless and very excited with all these events.

The food in Penang are really varied. A lot of influence makes Penang food very interesting. One of the cultures that is unmistakably Penang is Baba and Nyonya. I got to know quite a few of formidable Nyonya cooks. One of them is Belinda Neoh. Watch her in action teaching how to cook nyonya food.

Roti Ayam Recipe
Nyonya dessert: sweet potato in ginger syrup recipe.

Are you as breathless as I am by now. Yes, all these are sure exciting. Let me know what you think. Keep in touch.

Yours truly,
Nazlina The Cook

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