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Tupperware Manager first newsletter -- Recycle, say no to styrofoam
May 06, 2009
Dear Subscriber,

it has been a while since I wrote. Now this newsletter comes with a new name.

Let me tell you why.

Before I started this Pickles and Spices web site, I wanted to write about Tupperware, another big passion of mine.

However, I was new to web site building, and I was not convinced that Tupperware could be a profitable topic in the long run. The system that I use to build web sites, (Site Build It!) does not indicate that Tupperware is a a popular keyword. That was two years ago, in Internet timeline, it might as well be a decade!

Many things have changed, after two years, more and more people use the Internet to search for information. I am glad to say that now Tupperware also is slowly changing its image from a typical auntie toting her big bag with tonnes of products going to a Tupperware party to a smart businesswoman who manages her business professionally.

First let me clarify with you why Tupperware has quite a following for over 60 years around the world. Its innovative products are always thoughtfully designed, the material used is food safe and coupled with a clever marketing strategy and lifetime warranty, it is still a winner.

Even though there are some concerns lately with plastic products that contain BPA, Tupperware came clean announcing and admitting which products have BPA in their product line. They also stressed that none of children's products contain BPA.

There are many types of plastic being used as food containers, as a smart consumer, you must be clever to search for the right information.

Besides that, Tupperware containers are reusable, so you can save the environment by bringing your own container to pick take-away food. By bringing your own lunchbox to school or office, you also save money in the long run. Home made food also is undoubtedly much more healthier than fast food.

We do not like styrofoam cups or plates. Besides filling up the landfill with non-biodegradable waste, this stuff is toxic if you fill it with hot water or hot food. It melts easily and contaminate your food! Yikes! I always bring my own containers and also my tote bag when I go shopping. The vendors are actually happy to accommodate my request: "Please use my container" and "I do not NEED plastic bags".

Every small step count. Let's start today by following my examples.

I have also been very busy sourcing new materials for my other web site, about Penang Heritage. Do you know what Silambam is? It is an ancient martial art that originated from India. I had the opportunity to record a demonstration at Youth Park in Penang. You can read the full report here.

Other than that, I also started a new blog using Blogspot about Penang Heritage City. It is updated almost daily with the latest news about Penang heritage and Penang island in general.

Till then, till we meet again.

Best wishes,
Your Expert Friendly Online Advisor Tupperware Manager

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