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 A Perfect Gift from the Heart

Ninnoss Cakes are made fresh to order, by an artistic baker who strive for perfection in every custom-made creation she does. Nothing would cheer your loved ones more than special edible treats like creamy cupcakes, crunchy cookies or prettily iced cakes. Too bad that for the moment, only people in Malaysia can order these delightful bites. For those who are far away, you may steal a glimpse and feast your eyes with these delicious-looking photos.

Besides looking good, the taste is heavenly too. Only the best ingredients are used to make these delightful confectionary. High quality butter, fresh cream, special flour for baking and pure vanilla essence are just a few on the list. Once they are mixed, the cakes are baked in an oven used by professionals. The cakes are also prepared following a strict hygienic routine as practiced by master chefs.

Mmm...! what a perfect combination for something special that would be remembered over a lifetime!

You may contact Sarina, the creator behind each piece of cakes featured here. Please let her know what your requirement may be.

  • Office function?

  • Quirky theme party?

  • Family gathering?

  • Fun with friends?

  • A kid's birthday?

  • Wedding?

  • Anniversary?

Go on, indulge yourselves and your loved ones with these wonderful treats.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Order your cakes by filling up the form here.

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