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The Fierce Aunty and The Laksa Gang
March 18, 2021
Hi <>,

Greetings from Penang!

Phew, it's been years since I wrote a newsletter through this website.

A lot has happened, most of them are good, except that the COVID-19 pandemic that is raging the planet. However, hope is in the horizon as millions of people around the world are now being vaccinated as we speak.

I am writing to inform that I have published a book, " The Fierce Aunty's No Nonsense Guide to The Perfect Laksa" in 2017 (selling at RM88 per hard copy).

On Valentine's Day 2021, I released the e-book version of this laksa book (selling at USD12.50). It is not just about recipes, it is full of tips and tricks and full of information about typical Malaysian ingredients. The graphics are beautiful and the readers who bought the book raved about it.

Now. after a long hiatus of not writing any news to you guys, I have written another e-book with the title:

"8 Essential Nyonya Recipes You Must Know".

The good news it is free to download!

Just for you, my subscribers, and it will be available within this week.

I will keep you posted!

p/s: Since that Laksa Book was published, I have assumed the moniker "The Fierce Aunty". Most of you probably think it is a misnomer, but it is not. *evil grin*.

p/p/s:Over the years, I had travelled so much and landed interesting gigs such as being a private chef in Silicon Valley and also a on a luxury yacht in Langkawi. One of the highlights was being a consultant chef to The Danna Hotel and also conducting a laksa event at Bon Ton Resort. In due course, I will write to tell you all about my experience and adventure over there.

Till later, and much love,

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