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Pickles and Spices Updates
August 17, 2010
Hi there,

it has been a while since this newsletter is sent out. I apologize. I have been really busy. The cooking class in Penang is going out so well that it has been getting some media attention - both locally and abroad.

To begin with, what aspiring chefs want to be, is to be on television. BBC Good Food channel sent Denham TV crew to film me with celebrity chef Atul Kocchar. Chef Atul is an Indian chef based in London, the first to be awarded with a Michelin Star. His posh restaurants are called Benares and Colony. He came here to learn Malay food with me. We had so much fun during the filming. As an added thrill, our very own Chef Wan joined us the next day!

The series will premier in October. so look out for BBC Good Food channel, the section about Penang food, will feature yours truly in it, teaching Chef Atul how to make favorite Malay food.

Then, a team of ten media people from Hong Kong, came to do a coverage of my class in June 2010. They specifically asked for a recipe involving durian! Yes, that fruit that tastes like heaven but smells like hell! Despite the rain, we managed to make Nyonya food from scratch.

The class is also featured in MAS In-Flight magazine Going Places. What a good article that is! Almost immediately, I got new students who read the article while they were on a plane to Malaysia! I am truly blessed.

Finally, the icing on the cake is a two page spread on New Straits Times. After an e-mail interview, the article that followed was fantastic.

Check out new photos at my Facebook to see happy faces of my students:

Until then. Happy Ramadhan and Happy Cooking!

Lots of Love,

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